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March 18, 2006


Trish Kelly

I'm not a smoker so of course my comments are slanted one way.... Over the lifetime of a smoker I wonder how much more their cost of care and medical expenses would be? Ya see you can leave the healthcare industry but still have that "thinking" hat on....
I'm glad I never started smoking and really wish there wasn't a dunkin donuts on every corner :) Drinking coffee is an expensive habit too!


I'm sure smokers contribute to the cost of health care, but I don't think we should pin the excessive health care costs on one group or another. Just recently the Connecuticut legistation passed a bill that requires the coverage of infertility on health benefits. This extremely expensive procedure's costs are being passed on to all health members. Plus, some of these drugs result in mutiple births or heaven forbid complications, all of which contribute to higher health care costs. Connecticut legistation also passed a bill that requires health insurers to cover perscription smoking cessation drugs. It's a pity that a bill needed to be passed in order for health insurers to cover what I classify as "preventative" medicine and a win-win situation for all health care members. And perhaps, my first statement was incorrect. Maybe we should examine the tremendous saleries health care CEOs are banking, perhaps we should blame them for the high cost of health care. Too bad legislation didn't pass a bill mandating that health insurance companies must be non-profit organizations.

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